• IOHA 2018 takes place in Washington, USA
  • IOHA 2015 took place in London.


Strategy Document 2011 and 2015

IOHA conducts a wide range of activities intended to promote and develop occupational hygiene worldwide.  IOHA’s Strategy Document 2011-2015, sets out what IOHA wants to achieve by 2015.  It only highlights the areas that the Board sees as key issues for this period.  There are many other areas where IOHA is active.

Code of Ethics

The IOHA Code of Ethics is intended to cover all occupational/Industrial hygiene associations who are members of IOHA.

It prescribes (a) the code of ethics for IOHA Board members, and (b) the general principles expected in the code of ethics of those associations who comprise the members of IOHA.


Download the document in PDF format: IOHA’s Strategy Document 2011-2015

Download the document in PDF format: IOHA Code of Ethics