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Control Banding


IOHA has created this space on our webpage to provide information on Control Banding.  If you wish to add information to this space, please contact

IOHA Position Statement on Control Banding

Control Banding Part 1: Developing Simple Guidance Toolkits for Employers

Control Banding Part 2: Practical Tools for Primary Prevention

  • Stavroula Leka’s Psychosocial Risk Management (PRIMA) Toolkit
  • Rolf Packroff’s Chemical CB in Germany – EMKG 2.0
  • Dr. Kazutaka Kogi, Ergonomics Checklist toolkit approach (no ppt)

Control Banding Part 3: Emerging Models for CB Toolkits

  • Korea’s KOSHA Toolkit
  • CB Nanotool Evaluation
  • Occupational Physician’s Toolbox
  • Norway’s ChemiRisk – MTO Perspective


7th International Control Banding Workshop (ICBW)

The 7th ICBW was held at the IOHA 2015 conference. This was a full-day workshop held over four sessions that once again brought together international experts. Our goal was to encourage audience participation and identify strengths, weaknesses, and research gaps in CB science and practice

IOHA 2015

To access the presentations, please click on the links below:

Welcome to the 7th ICBW

Session 9a – Occupational Hygiene III

Session 9b – Status and Needs of Occupational Exposure Assessment for Chemicals Management

Session 9c – IOHA 7th International Control Banding Workshop

Session 11c – IOHA 7th Control Banding Workshop

Session 12C – IOHA 7th Control Banding Workshop